Introducing the Clustaar Webchat

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This is a big day for us, because we are introducing to you the Clustaar Webchat! This is something we have been planning for a while and we have finally been able to put the final touch to our own livechat front. A simple and efficient livechat We already had great livechat integrations, like Intercom, or Messenger. But with the Clustaar Webchat, we allow you to build a bot and plug it to your website litterally in 5 minutes. We can also add that the use of the Clustaar Webchat is included in our Pro and Enterprise plans, so you won’t have to spend another dime on your chatbot. It is made to plug Chatbots built on the Clustaar Platform easily on any website with great features. The features of the Clustaar Webchat are the ones every Chatbot Livechat should have: Insert images or gifs; Use Quick Replies in the…

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Create a chatbot on Google Home

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Some of our users have already seen it appear in our “Channels” tab: after weeks of hard work, we are ready to announce the new integration on the Clustaar platform : Google Assistant. This is a crucial step for us because it means being able to create a chatbot for Google Home, and all devices compatible with Google Assistant (Android phones for example 😊). First vocal integration For many people, text chatbots are just the first step towards vocal interactions with machines. Although we believe text still has a major role to play, it is undeniable that voice activated machines will be preponderant in the life of future generations. The the success of devices like Google Home or Amazon Echo, over 30 million devices sold, is proof that the demand was already here. And as vocal machines get smarter, they will become more and more useful. After launching the platform in…

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