Integrate deeply with your infrastructure

Take advantage of our advanced APIs for an in-depth integration

We developers

At Clustaar, we think first-class bots needs the help of IT to reach their full potential. Thats why we build tools that enable robust, scalable & flexible integrations. We eliminate needlex complexity, so you can get up & running in just a couple of minutes.


Extend your webchat intelligence with webhooks, and build an advanced integration with your infrastructure using our open sourced framework.

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Discussion API

Use Clustaar as a bot engine, and integrate your bot into Android or iOS applications using our open discussion API.

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Users Attributes

Push useful users attributes from your database to the chatbot, and use them to offer a customized experience and lead to the best answers!

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Webchat Components

Build fast your own webchat, using our open sourced webchat graphical components from our github repository.

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Want to see all at once?

Well, you can go to our Developers Website, and have fun!

Or you can visit some of our GitHub open sourced repositories: our webhook framework, or our webchat components library.