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Clustaar is the first platform dedicated to improving customer experience through smart automation.

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Convert, Engage, Support Customers

Everything you need to redefine your customer relationship with smart chatbots: our natural language understanding technology in combination with your business scenarios allows to understand and process even sophisticated requests from your clients

  • 24/7 Availability
  • Built-in Customer Service Scenarios
  • Self-learning
  • Bot + Human collaboration

Create your bot in 2 minutes without code

Our visual drag’n’drop builder is easy and fun. No programming required – just import one of our  plug-and-play templates and you’ll be up in no time.

All-In-One conversational AI platform


Track the activities of your bot and your users’ habits, and improve your bot along the way.

Machine Learning Powered

Use your conversation data and our algorithms to make your bot smarter with time.

NLU proprietary algorithms

Input your historical data and watch our algorithm anticipate your clients’ questions and their formulations.

API access

Plug your bot into any platform, CRM, or CMS, to include it in your existing workspace.

Bot + human collaboration

Use your bot to create the first barrier, answer recurring questions and allow your teams to take over when it gets interesting.

Front platform agnostic

Reach your users wherever they are, and adapt your bot to any conversation platform.

Integrate with all the apps you rely on


Our platform integrates within your workspace, no matter what tools you use.


To reach customers wherever they are, our bots can be integrated on any messaging platform.

With a growing number of user questions, we could not handle them manually, so we put in place a Clustaar Chatbot. After only a month of fine tuning, we were able to answer 80% of questions and increase the general level of customer satisfaction.

Pierre-Henri TatarannoFounder of Webikeo

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