Lydia – In-App Chatbot Case Study

Clustaar Bot Integrated in Lydia's App Answers 60% of User Inquiries

Key Figures

60% of users find direct answers


200 tickets/day avoided


Chatbot-qualified tickets = takes staff 3x less time than normal tickets

Out of 100 users requesting support in the Lydia application, 60% find the answers they seek through the Clustaar chatbot. 35% generate a ticket with human intervention, and 5% of requests are irrelevant or bounce (the user leaves).

About Lydia

Lydia is a leading mobile payment and card payment application that offers a digital wallet. Additionally, Lydia’s service allows users to monitor all their bank accounts, make transfers, pay by text and email, and more, in one app. The company raised 18 million euros in 2018 to develop its business and has since experienced a 15% monthly growth in users.


Lydia searched for a solution to keep pace with their expansion. They ultimately chose to automate their customer support to try and reduce the number of tickets their support team received per day. After comparing prices and platform features, Lydia opted for the Clustaar bot platform to automate their customer support. The Lydia team had a specific objective in mind when they began their search for support automation to efficiently answer as many inquiries as possible.


Lydia chose automation to sustain their growth in lieu of physically expanding their support team. Primarily, Lydia deals with sensitive topics like money transfers, which require quick and accurate responses. They were drawn to Clustaar’s user-friendly interface for an easy transition for their team. The Clustaar platform allows “non-tech” users to implement the bot and generate the results they needed.

Soon after Lydia made the decision to integrate with Clustaar, the work began. The aim of this bot was to guide the users to the right scenario as they formulate their questions(s). In total, the building process took three weeks of full-time engineering with one project manager and a tech.  Following development, the bot was then integrated into the Lydia mobile app through the Clustaar API with buttons and natural language.


Following the integration, there has been an increase in customer messages without overloading the support team. Lydia receives the same number of tickets per month although their user base continues to grow by 15% a month. They receive 15,000 support tickets per month, on all possible channels (Facebook, Twitter, emails, calls, etc).

The chatbot fields 100% of queries prior to getting the customer in touch with a human if needed. This process has reduced the time spent by an agent to problem-solve by 60%. Since the bot has been implemented, the number of tickets has not increased. 

The growth will not end here. The chatbot learns and adapts with each request to increase its ability to provide more answers over time.

In July Lydia reported 1 ticket per 60 users. After support automation, they had a reported 1 ticket per 65 users in September.

Out of 100 users requesting support in the application, 60% find the answers they seek through the bot, 35% generate a ticket with human intervention, and 5% of requests are irrelevant or bounce (the user leaves).

Overall, inquiries had a 3-4 min resolution time with the chatbot. The software also allows automating several operations that can now be attended to in-app, instead of exchanging emails.

When the bot does not respond to a request, it qualifies the query and passes the data to the support team. The bot also suggests phrases in the search bar as the user types their request, quickly uniting users with the answers.

We were looking for a technical and powerful platform. We have a solid technical team at Lydia and we wanted to connect to the Clustaar API to integrate the chatbot in our application. We also wanted an easy-to-use platform that would allow to quickly build scenarios so business teams can use them.

Flore DescolasProduct Manager at Lydia

We at Clustaar are enthusiastic about the Lydia project. Our technology has helped them to support their strong growth while garnishing positive returns. Our new goal is to achieve an 80% match rate for users in the coming months. To try the Clustaar platform for yourself — book a demo with us today!

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