Turn visitors into customers

Automatically engage with your visitors 24/7 using a chatbot

Generate more qualified leads

Relieve your sales team from lead qualification. Let the chatbot do it for you and focus on contacting your prospects to close the deal.

  • Automatically book demos and calls
  • Plug-and-Play Customer Acquisition scenarios
  • Open a live chat with an agent, only when needed
  • Answer user’s questions thanks to advanced NLU
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Automatically book meetings and calls

Imagine if your sales team could walk into the office each day with a full calendar of meetings already booked for them. Thanks to our Calendly integration, Clustaar’s bots connect to your sales team’s calendars to pull availability and automatically book meetings after a lead is qualified!

Easy FAQ Creation and import

Not all people on your website want a demo. Some are buyers that have support questions. Some have questions about your service or your pricing. So how do you handle those?

Thanks to our quick FAQ maker + advanced NLP capacities, Clustaar bots can answer to user’s question and connect with your existing knowledge base. So Clustaar chatbots can check your help documentation and provide answers to people on your website.

Help your prospects understand your offer with contextual scenarios

With Clustaar Messenger on your website or application, you can push contextual scenarios based on the user behaviour. You can answer your customers’ questions even before they ask !

Chat with the right prospects, at the right time

If you wait as little as five minutes to respond to an inbound inquiry, you are 10x more likely to lose that lead forever. That’s where Clustaar’s bots can help.

The bot can ask your qualification questions and switch from bot to a human agent when needed.

Create your bot in 2 minutes without coding

Our visual drag’n’drop builder is easy and fun. No programming required – just import one of our  plug-and-play templates and you’ll be up in no time.

Integrations with your favorite business tools


Our platform integrates within your workspace, no matter what tools you use.


Reach customers wherever they are, our bots can be integrated into any messaging platform.

All-In-One conversational AI platform

24/7 Availability

Increase sales

Integrate with existing sales/marketing tools

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