Clustaar Zendesk Chatbot Integration

Effortlessly create a ticket for Zendesk through your chatbot

How It Works
Zendesk is one of our most popular integrations for its ability to assist users with high-level queries. Configure your chatbot and integrate it into Zendesk with a single line of code.

Create a ticket on Zendesk through your chatbot

Reduce query resolution time and provide a seamless 24/7 customer experience for your visitors and users by integrating with Zendesk. Link your chatbot to your existing Zendesk CRM so you don’t have to change a thing.

Abilities: When the bot cannot resolve the user’s query it simultaneously creates a ticket in Zendesk from the information collected throughout the conversation.  

  • Allow users to create tickets to be directly routed to your team
  • Users do not need to bother with drafting an email or making a call
  • Link Zendesk tickets to live chat to address queries instantly
  • The human team have all the data and tools at their disposal to resolve queries faster than ever
  • Learn more about stress areas from users with data analysis

Software support: In a context where users are logged into your application or software, you can provide advanced support, ask qualifying questions to know where to direct the user, and create support tickets.

Chatbot Capabilities on Your Website

The Clustaar platform allows you to connect your chatbot to any website. Your bot provides a seamless 24/7 customer experience for your visitors and users.


Configuration is easy. Once you’ve signed up for the platform the Zendesk action is immediately accessible to you in the action panel. You have the ability to add the Zendesk option to any step or story you create. To use it, just click on “Integrations” then drag and drop the Zendesk option inside the step panel.

Support: The chatbot automatically interacts with visitors on your website. Your bot’s abilities include:

  • Scheduling a demo or a meeting
  • Catching visitors’ emails
  • Answering questions 24/7
  • Using advanced qualification scenarios to give visitors the right information

Advanced FAQ: The chatbot answers recurring questions on your website. You can use it to replace or complement existing FAQ and contact pages.

Clustaar Zendesk Integration FAQ

Is there an additional cost for the Zendesk integration?

No. The Zendesk integration is included in the price of the platform.

How is this going to impact my Zendesk pricing?

Using this integration will not affect your pricing with Zendesk.

How is Clustaar chatbot superior to Zendesk bot?

Use the Clustaar webchat with the Zendesk integration so, when the bot can’t answer a query it automatically creates a ticket in Zendesk, so the Zendesk bot or live agent can answer the query. Whereas the Zendesk bot does not create tickets but only answers them via email.

The objectives of the two bots are different, the Clustaar bot is available to answer general queries and when it is unable to do so can create a ticket in Zendesk in order to allow a human or Zendesk bot to answer the query. Whereas the objective of the Zendesk bot is to answer tickets through automated email.

What fields can I use when creating a Zendesk ticket?

As soon as it is web-based (HTML + JavaScript), and you allow external scripts to play on your intranet or application.

The available fields in ticket creation are:

  • Type
  • Subject
  • Description
  • Priority
  • Tags
  • Name
  • Phone number
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