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Clustaar Webchat

A high-perfoming chat window, Clustaar Webchat is the preferred front-end for Clustaar platform lovers. Integrate on any website or web app with just a single line of code.

Google Home

Connect your bot seamlessly to Google Voice Assistant.


Connect your chatbot to Slack to make cutting-edge internal chatbots for HR and support teams.


The most advanced Intercom chatbot integration: Your bot will listen to all incoming messages as part of your Intercom team and respond when it knows how to answer. The bot can automatically assign conversations to a human rescuer in your team.


Connect your chatbot to hundreds of apps with plug-and-play Zaps. With 1000+ apps and easy integrations, you can get started in minutes.


Use your bot to answer text messages and send direct SMS notifications. This is available in the 50+ countries where Twilio is present.


Connect your chatbot to Zendesk chat and automate first-level support. You can also automatically create and tag tickets in Zendesk. Create support tickets straight from your Webchat.

Webhooks & External APIs

Webhooks are used to connect your bot to any source of external data, such as a store locator, personalized notification or order follow-up. If you can make a webhook, you can integrate to your chatbot.

Facebook Messenger

Connect your bot seamlessly to Facebook Messenger. Answer incoming messages and push notifications. The bot can be paused and unpaused and sends you an email if a member of your team needs to answer.

Google Custom Search

Connect your chatbot to Google Custom Search and seamlessly create a search engine right inside your chatbot. It will help your users search the content of your website or help center.



Integrate Clustaar technology on your iAdvize webchat and automatically answer low value-added questions before forwarding them to an agent.

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