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Clustaar Webchat

A high-perfoming chat window, Clustaar Webchat is the preferred front-end for Clustaar platform lovers. Integrate on any website or web app with just a single line of code.

Google Home

Connect your bot seamlessly to Google Voice Assistant.


Connect your chatbot to Slack to make cutting-edge internal chatbots for HR and support teams.


The most advanced Intercom chatbot integration: Your bot will listen to all incoming messages as part of your Intercom team and respond when it knows how to answer. The bot can automatically assign conversations to a human rescuer in your team.


Connect your chatbot to hundreds of apps with plug-and-play Zaps. With 1000+ apps and easy integrations, you can get started in minutes.


Use your bot to answer text messages and send direct SMS notifications. This is available in the 50+ countries where Twilio is present.


Connect your chatbot to Zendesk chat and automate first-level support. You can also automatically create and tag tickets in Zendesk.

Webhooks & External APIs

Webhooks are used to connect your bot to any source of external data, such as a store locator, personalized notification or order follow-up. If you can make a webhook, you can integrate to your chatbot.

Skype for Business

Integrate your bot into cost-effective and collaborative tools for businesses of any size. Collaborate with anyone, anywhere, on any device.

Facebook Messenger

Connect your bot seamlessly to Facebook Messenger. Answer incoming messages + push notifications. The bot can be paused and unpaused and sends you an e-mail in case a member of your team has to answer.

Google Custom Search

Connect your chatbot to Google Custom Search and seamlessly create a search engine right inside your chatbot. It will help your users search the content of your website or help centre.


Integrate order follow-up and advanced customer service scenarios using your Prestashop customer contacts, orders and refunds.

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