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Support and engage your customers

Visual, Easy-to-Use Platform

Our visual drag’n’drop builder is simple for you to use, yet it provides a comprehensive visual overview of your scenarios.

Rich Actions and Messaging Formats

Integrate rich messaging formats, such as cards, quick replies and carousels in your conversation without coding. Your bot can also send emails or trigger advanced actions — no programming required.

You can explore the drag’n’drop actions available for your chatbot in our help center.

Drag and drop chatbot builder clustaar
Build a story Clustaar bot Platform

Visual Stories Builder

Build your chatbots the easy way with the Visual Stories Builder, one of our best chatbot features. Manage your scenario with the helicopter view in the interface that’s easy to understand. Stop wasting time trying to build logic with your IT team when you can do it directly on the platform.

Easy FAQ Creation and Import

Our quick FAQ maker has been designed to create your first FAQ chatbot in a few minutes. You can also import an existing FAQ to build it even faster.

Create simple intent Clustaar Bot
Configure Google Site Search Clustaar Chabot

Connects With Your Existing Documentation

Thanks to our plug-and-play Google Site Search integration, Clustaar bots can connect with your existing knowledge base. The chatbots can check your help documentation and provide answers to your website visitors.

Business Library (Bot Templates)

The Chatbot Builder comes with built-in templates, so you don’t have to start from scratch. The templates are fully customizable, and you can configure it to the specific problems you are trying to solve. Find inspiration from our template marketplace and deploy a top-performing chatbot in a fraction of the time it would take if using other tools.

Chatbot Templates Clustaar bot platform

Powerful NLP

Build natural and rich conversational experiences. Give users new ways to interact with your product by building engaging voice and text-based conversational bots powered by AI.

Use AI and Machine Learning to Understand What Users Are Saying

Provide your bot with examples of what a visitor often asks when interacting with your product. By using domain knowledge and natural language understanding, our platform analyzes and understands users’ intents and responds with the most relevant answer.

Integrate with Wordpress Clustaar Chatbot Platform
Clustaar where do you operate graphic

Create Complex and
Customized Scenarios

Create smooth conversations with powerful logic (logical conditions, NLP, Regex and entity extraction). Build a true network of bot skills that interact with each other to make your conversation modular and fully adaptable.

Add Webhooks and API Integration

Webhooks are useful to build advanced bots. Use our open APIs to connect the bot to your database, CRM, customer service tool or other apps to deliver contextual answers to users.
Learn more in the developer documentation.

Webhooks connection Clustaar Chatbot platform
Google Home Voice bot Clustaar Platform

Implement Vocal Assistants

Thanks to our Google Assistant Integration, the Clustaar platform is ready for vocal assistants.

Easy to Deploy

Clustaar bots are easy to set up on your website. You can quickly unify support-related conversations coming from multiple channels.

Launch in Your Website or Application

Use the Clustaar Messenger to engage with customers who are on your website or application. Get all the contextual information about the customer. It’s easy to integrate with one single line of code.

Chatbots conversation email generate leads Clustaar

Integrate With Intercom 

Clustaar has the most advanced Intercom chatbot integration. Your bot will listen to all incoming messages as part of your Intercom team and respond when it knows how to answer. The bot can automatically assign conversations to a human rescuer on your team.

Implement in Facebook Messenger

Respond to visitors faster. Integrate your company’s Facebook page with Clustaar, so your chatbot can step in and help when customers ask for support.

Customer Support

Qualify and solve more requests from your users. Use bots to automatically provide instant support.

Answer up to 65% of recurring questions

Provide 24/7 customer support

Pre-qualify support tickets

Gain customer insights

Sales Team

Capture, qualify and convert more visitors from your website. Use bots to automatically qualify leads and schedule sales meetings with the most promising ones.

Help visitors understand your offer

Answer users’ questions 

Schedule sales meetings 24/7 from the chat

Chat with the right prospects, at the right time

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