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They Have a Modern FAQ, Thanks to Clustaar:

Answer Questions 24/7

Our natural language understanding technology in combination with your historical FAQ data allows bots to understand and answer sophisticated requests from your clients.

  • Import FAQ content in minutes
  • Automate recurring tasks
  • Discover new questions and topics
  • Send complex questions to your support team

Easily Import and Create FAQ

Our quick FAQ maker lets you create your first chatbot in minutes. You can also import existing FAQ to build it even faster.

Provide Immediate, Consistent Support

Self-service not only helps customers find solutions faster, but it also ensures consistent support. Additionally, it helps reduce the ticket volume that your help desk receives.

Connect to Your Existing Documentation

Thanks to our plug-and-play Google Site Search integration, Clustaar bots can connect with your existing knowledge base. Our chatbots can check your help documentation and provide answers to users on your website.

Measure Customer Satisfaction

With conversation ratings, get the information you need to improve your bot's performance and make your customers happier. When the rating is poor, the chatbot will automatically propose alternative actions (such as leaving a message or switching to a human agent when available).

Why does your SaaS business need a chatbot?





Create your FAQ bot in 2 minutes without coding

Our visual drag’n’drop builder is easy and fun. No programming  required – just import one of our chatbot templates, and you’ll be up in no time.

All-In-One conversational AI platform

Get key customer insights

Provide a superior user experience

Handle increasing amounts of users’ requests

Integrate With All the Apps You Rely On


Our platform integrates within your workspace, no matter what tools you use.


To reach customers wherever they are, our bots can be integrated on any messaging platform.

With a growing number of user questions, we could not handle them manually, so we put in place a Clustaar Chatbot. After only a month of fine tuning, we were able to answer 80% of questions and increase the general level of customer satisfaction.

Pierre-Henri TatarannoFounder of Webikeo

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