Clustaar is a startup specialized in Conversational intelligence

Our team of engineers and data-scientists has developed NLU algorithms to analyze the Intents hidden behind every interaction between a man and a machine

Our expertise

Conversational Search – Natural Language data analysis – Artificial intelligence

Your digital field generates millions of data every day

We give them meaning and help you understand your clients’ requests

Intents are hidden behind queries. We can discover them and teach them to a AI conversational software

What we can do

Technical consulting & Technology tools


Discover the future of customer relations. Offer your client a revolutionary experience.

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The next generation of robot is going to need to be able to converse. We can power this ability.

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Your daily life will soon be taken over by connected objects. How will you communicate with them?

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Our Technology


Our smart data base collects your millions of queries to make them understandable and accessible to each of the company’s departments and conversational software

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The unparalleled finesse of our Deep Query algorithm allows machines to understand sentences in Natural Language

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