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« Let me show you how you can build a powerful support bot using the Clustaar Chatbot Platform »

Philippe Duhamel
Co-Founder of Clustaar

What you will learn ?

  • How to build your first support bot
  • How to use our customer support use-cases and scenario templates
  • Ways to design a chatbot based on your business goals and KPIs
  • How to design answers to users’ business and tech questions

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Asmae Boukich

Business Developer

Julia Turqueti

Business Developer

Oskars Gauks

Growth Manager

Timothée Meuret

Head of Customer Success

They love our product

We were looking for a technical and powerful platform. We have a solid technical team at Lydia and we wanted to connect to the Clustaar API to integrate the chatbot in our application. We also wanted an easy-to-use platform that would allow to quickly build scenarios so business teams can use them.

Flore DescolasProduct Manager at Lydia

We use Clustaar to provide support outside business hours. We are happy to see feedback from our users, delighted to receive answers outside business hours. They are more than just a service provider, they are a partner. Their team follows up seriously, with excellent teaching skills and spirit.

Juliette Guigue User Relations at HelloAsso

The Clustaar Chatbot is not only powered by a Natural Language Processing technology. It is also a competent, agile, and focused team, and a user-friendly platform allowing to easily create scenarios.

Michael DE ABREUCustomer Service Project Manager at FDJ

With a growing number of user questions, we could not handle them manually, so we put in place a Clustaar Chatbot. After only a month of fine tuning, we were able to answer 80% of questions and increase the general level of customer satisfaction.

Pierre-Henri TatarannoFounder of Webikeo
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