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Fortify your support team with Clustaar like they did:

Two in one

Working with large scale enterprises is our strong suit. Through experience, we have grown proficient at navigating the trail to building a chatbot that both represents the company and satisfies users needs.

  • Automate 65% of requests with a Clustaar chatbot
  • Save valuable time and resources. Let us do the work for you
  • Get it right the first time with our team of experts
  • Receive hands-on training about our user-friendly platform


Clustaar is not only a powerful chatbot platform but also a service. Don’t leave room for guesswork. Work with our team of experts to maximize the success of your project.

We facilitate the planning of your project by creating a mission statement, assigning roles to the team and allocating tasks to collectively work towards the end goal. 

Powerful NLP

Train your bot once and allow it to learn through interactions with users over time. Build natural and rich conversational experiences. Give users new ways to interact with your product by building engaging voice and text-based conversational bots powered by AI.

Premium Support

We offer a premium support package tailored for enterprises with a larger customer base. This option features assistance in bot building via a dedicated account manager. Api and Webhooks availability, in-app integrations and more.

Ready for mobile

Reach your audience where they are! The platform easily transfers to mobile. Users won’t need to leave your app to solve queries or make contact, but can do it directly in-app. Use API’s to easily integrate into your mobile application and your good to go.


Use the WebChat plugin to embed your bot virtually anywhere with just a short snippet of code.  Also, customize your chatbots colors and upload your logo for a personalized look. We also offer many integrations such as Facebook, Zendesk, Intercom and more.

Bot templates

The Chatbot Builder comes with built-in templates, so you don't have to start from scratch. Get a head start on building and utilize our ready-made templates like lost password, small talk, contact forms and more. The templates are fully customizable and can be configured to the specific problems you are trying to solve. Find inspiration from our template marketplace and deploy a top-performing chatbot in a fraction of the time it would take if using other tools.

Why do enterprises need a chatbot?

Make changes to your bot without a single line of code.

Our visual drag’n’drop builder is easy and fun. Forgot a password, can’t access email, printer not working? Just import one of our chatbot templates and you’ll be up in no time. 

Integrate with all the apps you rely on


Our platform integrates within your workspace, no matter what tools you use.


Our bots can be integrated on any internal communication platform.

With a growing number of user questions, we could not handle them manually, so we put in place a Clustaar Chatbot. After only a month of fine tuning, we were able to answer 80% of questions and increase the general level of customer satisfaction.

Pierre-Henri TatarannoFounder of Webikeo

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