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Create a working bot in minutes!Chatbots templates are a great base to have a working bot in minutes. Customize the templates based on your companies needs. Our templates are available in five different languages with more available upon request.

Contact Form

Take customer support to the next level by giving users the opportunity to reach you through your bot. Users can input their name, preferred contact method for the live team to respond to.  

Contact form story Clustaar chatbot builder
Templates Clustaar Chatbot Platform

Lead Acquisition 

Gather information from leads and direct them to the pages they need such as pricing and demos. With Clustaar Webchat on your website or application, you can push contextual scenarios based on user behavior. You can answer your customers’ questions even before they ask.

Sales Qualification

Save your sales team time and let a chatbot qualify your leads. Let the chatbot ask questions to your potential leads and send personalized offers based on the intel gathered by the bot.

Sales Qualification Story Clustaar Chatbot Platform
Lost password template

Lost Password

Give your customers a helping hand with this popular scenario. This template allows users to recover lost passwords in a matter of seconds!


Gather insights directly from your users such as age, location, where they were referred and more! Personalize the survey story template to match your needs.

Survey Template Clustaar
Demo Story Clustaar Chatbot Platform

Book a Demo

Allow users to book a demo with your sales team straight from the bot, with this template! Integrate Calendly in this template to book meetings with your team. 

Small Talk

Give your bot more of a personality with responses to common social interactions. This template contains the basis of what every chatbot needs.

Chatbot Smalltalk Template Clustaar

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