Clustaar Chatbot Platform – Product updates

Announcements about new Clustaar features

August 2018

Analyze user queries

the “Analyze” section allows you to navigate through users queries, filter un-matched one, and improve your intents!

New languages – PT (BR) + RU

🇧🇷 🇷🇺 🤖 💬 2 new languages available on Clustaar chatbot Platform ! Portuguese (Brasil) and Russian

“Jump To” action

Allows your chatbot to jump from any step or story, based on almost everything (session-value, user attribute, user message…). Very powerful to create advanced qualification behaviour, or when you use the same story often (menu, customer satisfaction,…)

“Debug Mode” in the test console

The test console allows you to test your chatbot, but also understand how the NLP interpreted a user query, and see the JSON that will be generated for your webhook.

Now, there is also a “debug mode” allowing you to understand exactly all the steps processed by the chatbot.

July 2018

Business Library (bot templates)

The Chatbot Builder comes with built-in templates, so you don’t have to start from scratch. Choose your template and import it

Create a Zendesk ticket

Let your chatbot create a ticket in Zendesk for you

NLP – Typo-tolerance improvement

A major improvement in the way we deal with typo-tolerance and spellcheck has been released in July.

June 2018

Clustaar webchat

Use the Clustaar webchat to engage with customers who are on your website or application. Easy to integrate with one single line of code.

Clustaar Messenger Hub

Easy FAQ import

Our quick FAQ maker has been designed to create your first FAQ chatbot in a few minutes. You can also import an existing FAQ to build it even faster (from a csv)

Clone a Bot, Create Backups and Manage Versioning

You can easily clone and backup a chatbot, and manage your versioning.

May 2018

Google Site Search integration

Thanks to our plug-and-play Google Site Search integration, Clustaar bots can connect with your existing knowledge base.

Developers API & Documentation

Huge release for devs, with the opening of our conversation and WebHook APIs associated with a complete developers documentation.

This release has been been completed by the open-sourcing of our WebHook Framework.

April 2018

Google Assistant Integration

Thanks to our Google Assistant Integration, the Clustaar platform is ready for vocal assistants.

Webhooks and API integration

Webhooks are useful to build advanced bots: Use information located in your database, a CRM, a customer service tool, or an internal API (recommendation engine, search, etc.). Learn more in the Developer’s documentation.

March 2018

End of the beta

Visual stories builder

Build your chatbots the easy way. The visual stories builder maps out all the complex rules in an interface that’s easy to understand. Stop wasting time trying to build logic with your IT team when you can do it directly on the platform.

Rich actions and messaging formats

Integrate rich messaging formats, such as cards, quick replies and carousels, in your conversation without coding. Your bot can also send emails or trigger advanced actions.

You can explore the drag’n’drop actions available for your chatbot in our help centre.

Advanced NLP

Advanced intent + entities configuration. Create smooth conversations with powerful logic (logical conditions, NLP, Regex, and entity extraction)

Intercom channel integration

The most advanced Intercom chatbot integration: the bot can automatically assign conversations to a human rescuer on your team.

Facebook channel integration

Integrate your company’s Facebook page with Clustaar, so your chatbot can step in and help when customers ask for support from the page.