Clustaar Chatbot Platform – Product Updates

Announcements about new Clustaar features

May 2019

WebChat Update

The Webchat widget has a new modern look. This update includes rounded corners, a colored banner, optimized text input and an increased drop shadow. These changes were made to bring you an intelligent bot that works well and looks great.

Clustaar Webchat New Look chatbot

April 2019

Story & Step Statistics

Gather insights about your stories with statistics on each story and the enclosed steps. Compare them against each other to see what works and where you can improve.

Clustaar Platform Story Statistics

March 2019

Intent Suggestions

Answer the questions your users are actually asking. This feature uses unanswered user queries to suggest intents and or add variations to enrich existing intents.

Intent Suggestions Clustaar chatbot platform

New Languages

We have added five new languages to our platform. Our chatbots are now available in Dutch, German, Italian, Swedish and Turkish in addition to the five existing languages we support.

Clustaar nine languages chatbot platform

Download Data

Download the conversations and data collected through your bot in a CSV file. Use this data to improve your bot, offers and understand your customers.

Download statistics csv clsutaar chatbot platform

User Feedback

Link a user feedback step to all of your stories to monitor the success of your bot.  The user feedback icon and graph is displayed on your dashboard to view both negative and positive statistics.

Measure user feedback Clustaar chatbot platform

February 2019

Zapier Integration

Use the data collected by bots to your advantage with the Zapier integration. Zapier offers 1,000+ applications to connect your bot to. Set up your bot so that user data is neatly organized in a spreadsheet, or trigger alerts, plan meetings and more.

Zapier Configuration Clustaar Platform

Send Event

This feature gives your bot the ability to close the chat and open other applications in a new window. For example, when users indicate that they would like to speak to a representative the bot can now open a new window to connect the user with a representative via Intercom instantly.

Send event Clustaar chatbot platform Intercom

Intent Statistics

This new feature, found in the analyze tab visually breaks down the statistics of your intents over time. The data is displayed in the ‘matches evolutions’ graph and measure multiple intents at once to compare progress. This feature allows users to gauge the efficacy of existing intents and improve accordingly. 

January 2019

Matching Rate

The Matching Rate feature is an indicator of the efficacy of your bot. The matching rate represents how much your bot understands user queries.  This indicator can be displayed on the ‘Evolution of Interactions’ graph on the Dashboard.

Conversation Reset

Users now how the ability to reset their conversations at will. This is especially useful for users to explore different stories, products, and solutions.

December 2018

The Dashboard

The updated dashboard is now equipped with three graphs to visually track your bot’s interactions and progress with users. Discover what works and what doesn’t with the evolution of a graph of interactions that displays both messages and button activity.

November 2018

Intent Recommendations

Intent recommendations are easy-to-follow guidelines to increase the quality of your intents. Several tips are now displayed on the intent building page along with a “completeness” gauge to track the strength of your intents in real time. Strong intents help bots to better understand user requests and formulations.

Your First Chatbot

All platform users now have access to a pre-built chatbot. This bot contains the majority of the features available for beginning builders to better understand the platform. This bot contains examples of popular stories such as lost passwords, pricing, contact forms and more.

October 2018

User Attributes

This feature allows you to retain information about a user, such as a user’s name, email or other information you define. This data will be captured and accessible to you beyond the lifetime of a story.

GTM Support

The Clustaar webchat script is now easy to integrate with the Google Tag Manager. This feature allows you to import the code directly from GTM.

September 2018

Webchat Behavior Configuration

The new “behavior” tab in the webchat configuration panel is there to help your bot exhibit different behaviors depending on contextual factors:
– Define a welcome story and allow your bot to introduce its own conversation with your users
– Define a default window state (minimized or auto-display)
– Trigger a story and load a defined URL
Trigger a story when a specific event happens on your website

Webchat Customization

New “style” tab in your webchat configuration panel that allows you to:
– Change the color of your bot’s appearance to match your brand’s visual identity
– Upload a logo of your choice

Webchat on Mobile

Clustaar webchat is now optimized for mobile, The webchat is a full-screen display, making it convenient for the user. All the features that users enjoy are compatible with the mobile version as well. 

August 2018

Analyze User Queries

The “analyze” tab gives you the ability to navigate through users’ queries, filter unmatched questions and improve intents. This feature allows you to mold the bot according to client needs.

New Languages: Portuguese + Russian

🇧🇷 🇷🇺 🤖 💬 Several languages are available on the Clustaar chatbot platform. Currently, we offer English, Spanish, Portuguese (Brazil), French and Russian. Additional languages are available upon request.

“Jump To” Action

Gives your bot the power to jump from any step or story, for any particular reason (session-value, user attribute, user message). It is particularly useful to create advanced qualification behavior, particularly with frequently used stories (such as menu or customer satisfaction).

“Debug Mode” in the Test Console

Using the “debug mode” gives you the ability to test the chatbot. This feature help you understand how the NLP technology interprets previous user queries and allows you to understand all the steps processed by the chatbot. Additionally, you can view the JSON generated for your webhook.

July 2018

Business Library (Bot Templates)

The chatbot builder comes with built-in templates, so you don’t have to start from scratch. Choose your template, import it, and you’re good to go. There are a variety of templates in the database, with more added each week, and we can build new ones upon request.

Create a Zendesk Ticket

Your chatbot has the power to create a ticket in Zendesk and link clients to the additional support they seek.

NLP: Typo Tolerance Improvement

Typos do not stop the NLP engine from understanding user requests. We built an NLP engine specifically designed for chatbots and launched it last July. This is a major improvement in the way we deal with typo tolerance and spell check.

June 2018

Clustaar Webchat

Use the Clustaar webchat to engage with customers on your website or application. The Clustaar webchat is easy to use and even easier to integrate with a single line of code.

Clustaar Messenger Hub

Quick FAQ Import

With our FAQ maker, we have made it easier than ever to compile a list of your FAQ and create your first FAQ chatbot in minutes. If you already have a list of FAQ, you can import them from a CSV and build it even faster.

Clone a Bot

Need another bot similar to the one you’ve created? You can clone, back up and manage a version of the chatbot.

May 2018

Google Site Search Integration

Clustaar bots can connect with your existing knowledge base with Google Site Search integration, thanks to our plug-and-play.

Developer API and Documentation

We opened our conversation and WebHook APIs associated with a complete developer documentation.

This release has been been completed by the open-sourcing of our WebHook Framework.

April 2018

Google Assistant Integration

The Clustaar platform supports voice commands, thanks to our Google Assistant Integration.

Webhooks and API Integration

Webhooks are useful to build advanced bots. You can use information in your database, a CRM, a customer service tool or an internal API (recommendation engine, search, etc.). Learn more in the developer documentation.

March 2018

End of the beta

Visual Stories Builder

Build your chatbots the easy way. The visual stories builder maps out all the complex rules in an interface that’s simple to understand. Stop wasting time trying to build a logic with your IT team and do it directly on the platform.

Rich Actions and Messaging Formats

Integrate rich messaging formats, such as cards, quick replies and carousels, in your conversation without code. Additionally, your bot can also send emails or trigger advanced actions.

Explore the drag and drop actions available for your chatbot in our help centre.

Advanced NLP

The advanced intent + entities configuration create smooth conversations with powerful logic (logical conditions, Regex and entity extraction). We have covered all of our bases to make sure that your clients’ queries can be quickly understood and resolved.

Intercom Channel Integration

We have managed to create the most advanced Intercom chatbot integration that will automatically assign conversations to a human agent on your team when needed.

Facebook Channel Integration

Integrate your company’s Facebook page with Clustaar to have a bot ready to assist customers on your page.

Clustaar Facebook Messenger integration