What is a chatbot?

A chatbot is a conversational robot. It can be integrated on different chat platforms: from instant messaging like Facebook Messenger or Slack, to conversation softwares (Skype) et Livechat tools on websites.

Use cases for your workplace

  • Facilitate and accelerate internal processes
  • relieve support teams from recurring questions
  • Put to good use all your internal knowledge
  • Leave no question unanswered

The chatbot: a new workplace experience

HR and internal communication

Call out your employees with news push or polls, answer their recurring questions quickly. Offer them a positive image of their company et build on internal knowledge.

IT and support

Relieve IT and support teams by combining AI and human intervention, only for complex tasks and questions. Accelerate processes with functionalities like ticket creation.

Office manager

Create a new internal experience: facilitate new employees on-boarding, offer a concierge service, answer questions quickly… The chatbot creates a new link between the digital and the physical world.

Choose your functionnalities

Recurring questions

Tickets opening

Internal polls

Push notifications

Expense reports

Contacting people

Internal directory

Individual assistance


Integrate your bot into any platform, according to your needs

In your workspace

Clustaar is compatible with platforms like Messenger, Slack, Intercom or Slaask. The AI + human combination allows you to automate first exchanges with your employees, 24/7, so no question goes unanswered.

Connected to your data

Build on your employees’ internal knowledge and each of your data sources. The chatbot est built from your data and can connect to all your sources and APIs.

Hybrid Chatbot / Human

So no question goes unanswered, the chatbot handles first answers, and calls an expert if it doesn’t know the answer. Support teams are relieved from the most menial par of their job.