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Your Business Runs 24-7. Why Doesn’t Your Customer Support?

Improve User Experience With 24/7 Accessibility

Customers often have questions, whether it be before or after purchase, provide answers 24/7 with a chatbot. Track orders and accompany marketing campaigns through the bot while customers receive answers to queries immediately.

Save Time by Automating FAQ’s

Scale your support operations by freeing the support team to conquer more complex challenges. A chatbot can answer common customer questions and immediately refer any request it can’t handle to a support staff member.

Improve In-Store Experience

Create a new experience in your store. Promote products, facilitate shopping and collect customer opinions. The bot creates a new link between the digital and physical world, without your staff working more hours.

Gather Insights About Your Customers

Chatbots record conversation verbatims from which insights can be extracted. As more customers ask questions, your chatbot can learn what they want and need. And teach you a few things about your customers’ needs.

Acquire New Customers

A chatbot on your website allows you to reach potential customers, request their contact information and offer them specials.

Integrate With All the Apps You Rely On.

Pure Engineering, With a Touch of Magic.

New Features To Create Powerful Bots

Easy-to-Use Platform Our visual drag’n’drop builder is easy and powerful. Import one of our plug-and-play templates and start training your bot.

Powerful Natural Language Processing Give users new ways to interact with your product by building engaging voice and text-based conversational interfaces powered by AI.

Automated Ticketing Use your bot to create the first response, answer recurring questions and allow your teams to take over if needed.

API Access
Plug your bot into any platform, CRM or application to make it a key part of your digital workspace.

They Love Our Chatbots

We were looking for a technical and powerful platform. We have a solid technical team at Lydia and we wanted to connect to the Clustaar API to integrate the chatbot in our application. We also wanted an easy-to-use platform that would allow to quickly build scenarios so business teams can use them.

Flore DescolasProduct Manager at Lydia

We use Clustaar to provide support outside business hours. We are happy to see feedback from our users, delighted to receive answers outside business hours. They are more than just a service provider, they are a partner. Their team follows up seriously, with excellent teaching skills and spirit.

Juliette Guigue User Relations at HelloAsso

I researched thoroughly customer support bots and came up with Clustaar as one of the best solutions in the market, with a good balance between capabilities and simplicity. With Clustaar, you can be up & running with your first bot scenarios pretty quickly, and this was very important for us.

Pere HospitalCo-Founder and CSO at Cloudways

With a growing number of user questions, we could not handle them manually, so we put in place a Clustaar Chatbot. After only a month of fine tuning, we were able to answer 80% of questions and increase the general level of customer satisfaction.

Pierre-Henri TatarannoFounder of Webikeo

The Clustaar Chatbot is not only powered by a Natural Language Processing technology. It is also a competent, agile, and focused team, and a user-friendly platform allowing to easily create scenarios.

Michael DE ABREUCustomer Service Project Manager at FDJ

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