What is a chatbot?

A chatbot is a conversational robot. It can be integrated on different chat platforms: from instant messaging like Facebook Messenger or Slack, to conversation softwares (Skype) et Livechat tools on websites.

Use cases for retail

  • Relieve a customer service from recurring questions
  • Assist clients in stores
  • Facilitate an online sale
  • Track orders
  • Accompany a promotion operation

The chatbot: a new experience for retailers and buyers

Customer service

Automate all your customers demands with smart chatbots. Improve their experience through a combination of AI and human intervention, who will answer the most complex questions.

In store chatbots

Create a new experience around your store. Put forward some products, facilitate your clients’ shopping, collect opinions… The store bot creates a new link between the digital and physical world, without effort for your client.

Acquisition client

Un chatbot intégré sur le livechat de votre site internet vous permet d’interpeller vos clients potentiels, de leur offrir une image positive de votre entreprise et de collecter leurs informations de contact.