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They didn’t put a chatbot on their website and this is what happened!

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Chatbot’s on company websites have become a social norm. But what about companies that don’t have a bot? What does that mean for them? Let’s take a look.  Chatbots have become the new rage in today’s online marketplace. All businesses are trying to move fast to adapt to new technology. Do chatbots really work? Do they really improve business? Or is it all just hype? Many companies were quick to join the chatbot wave while others remained skeptical and waited for results. The ‘wait and watch’ approach is almost always effective. It is a patient strategy for a business of any size. Unfortunately, customers today have a short supply of patience. Acknowledging this could make all the difference to your business. In today’s competitive world amid the digital competition, it is easy to lose customers and risk lower profits without adapting. This can penultimately result in business failure. The best…

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