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Connect Users to your App with a Chatbot

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Your developers likely spent countless hours obsessing over the details of your application’s user interface. They looked at menu placement, what happens when different buttons are clicked and make sure to ensure smooth navigation from any point. So why are visitors not engaging with your application the way you hoped? What is it that you’re missing? The best design in the world can’t make up for the benefits of direct user engagement. Did the idea of a customer service chatbot come up when mapping out your application design? If you did add them, are you satisfied with the ways you’ve been able to adapt them to your business needs? Do you find yourself constantly frustrated by their limitations? Engaging Users With Chatbots Creating the ultimate user experience means looking beyond the placement of different elements around your pages. What are you learning about each visitor once they hit your landing…

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How to Build a Chatbot for your Website for Customer Support

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You have just emerged from the best Cyber Monday business rush ever, and your customer service people tell you about all those orders that got away. Those escaping customers were stacked in the waiting queue of pending inquiries, and only the cyber gods how many went to your competition because your customer support system was overloaded. You probably are using some version of customer support automation, and your traditional customer service works fine. That is because your human reps can intelligently process a variety of customer questions, which are rarely simple. For simple questions, your customers go to your website for self-service, or they Google it. Customers want to chat However, not everyone has the same definition of “simple.” There are many customers whose default preference is an online chat, no matter what the question. Today’s e-commerce is centered around instant, or at least quick, gratification. Many customers will willingly…

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Why Small and Medium SaaS Companies Should Automate Their User Support

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Why Small and Medium SaaS Companies Should Automate Their User Support The tech community has seen Software as a Service (SaaS) market grow from a niche to a full-fledged market segment. This subset of the Cloud Services market experiences a 20% yearly growth powered by category-killers like Salesforce. The overall market size is expected to double, reaching $75 billion in 2020. The SaaS segment’s growth is primarily driven by small and medium-size companies attracted to the user-friendly interface, affordability, easy setup & training costs associated with SaaS technology. However dynamic the SaaS segment is, it is over saturated and increasingly competitive, with numerous sub-segments dominated by large incumbents (Salesforce, Dropbox). The environment is harsh for smaller SaaS vendors, and far more difficult to get their message across and to recruit new customers. One key element to growth survival is to get a product-market fit position, and then, create an amazing…

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