How after-sales automation affects customer loyalty?

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The time when B2C and B2B relationships were ending with a product purchase is far behind us. Every SaaS company knows that returning customer is the best customer! But what makes our clients loyal? Do they stick to our product just because we already persuaded them that it is incredible, or they have some other reasons? Building customer loyalty is a much more sophisticated process than gaining new leads. According to Eric Almquist’s Elements of Value article on Harvard Business Review, among the most popular values that address clients’ functional needs, we can find time-saving, simplification, risk and effort reduction. Excellent customer support should encompass all these traits.

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3 Headaches of Being a SaaS Company

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You are not alone, the questions every Saas company faces! So we’ve all heard “It takes months to find a customer but seconds to lose one”, but in the day-to-day of being a SaaS company, let’s be honest, sometimes customer relationships can fall through the cracks. All sources agree customer service is beginning to become the No. 1 differentiating quality for business success. In the SaaS industry, it can easily become the “make-or-break” quality. Don’t let the title throw you off. We’re not here just to complain about how difficult it is to be a SaaS company. Save that for the happy hour drinks and carry on to see how you can up your customer service game with the help of robots (the friendly kind).

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