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Clustaar: easy for support, exciting for IT

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Great UX Clustaar is recognized as one of the most advanced tools in term of User Experience and ease of use. But what would be the point if our platform was not also full of possibilities for your IT team? When we built our platform, we wanted our clients’ IT team to be able to integrate support bots with all their internal tools & databases in order to build the best experience possible for their users. Webhooks & open source We have placed webhooks at the core of our platform: they allow to totally customize what happens on a scenario step, and to enrich answers with data from our clients’ tools & infrastructure. Building webhooks has been made super easy thanks to our great technical documentation, and the open-source Python framework we built for developers. Feel free to use it, and suggest improvements! Conversation API In some cases, you don’t want to…

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Introducing the Clustaar Webchat

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This is a big day for us, because we are introducing to you the Clustaar Webchat! This is something we have been planning for a while and we have finally been able to put the final touch to our own livechat front. A simple and efficient livechat We already had great livechat integrations, like Intercom, or Messenger. But with the Clustaar Webchat, we allow you to build a bot and plug it to your website litterally in 5 minutes. We can also add that the use of the Clustaar Webchat is included in our Pro and Enterprise plans, so you won’t have to spend another dime on your chatbot. It is made to plug Chatbots built on the Clustaar Platform easily on any website with great features. The features of the Clustaar Webchat are the ones every Chatbot Livechat should have: Insert images or gifs; Use Quick Replies in the…

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