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How to Deal with an Increasing Number Messages on Facebook Messenger

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Spoiler alert: You can cope with all your Facebook messages with an intelligently designed chatbot like Clustaar. (If you are into social media marketing and you take the previous statement at face value, please go directly to our Clustaar Integrations page and sign up now.) Have You Heard of Chatbots? Wait. You never ever heard of chatbots? Sure, you have. You’ve seen and used Microsoft’s Cortana and the Mac and Google versions Siri and Alexa. They even made a movie about this guy who falls in love with a chatbot named Samantha. You say you’ve never considered plugging a chatbot into your social media. Why not? Where Are Your Customers? You want to go where your customers are, right? Well, social media is where they are. Statista, a portal for marketing statistics, reports that nearly three-quarters of the US population has at least one social media account. If you’re doing business overseas, in 2018…

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Clustaar NLP Engine: born to match!

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The Reasons Why The choice of creating your own Natural Language Processing (NLP) engine is a tough decision, which cannot be made without good thinking. At Clustaar, we spent a lot of time at the beginning to test existing platforms, and evaluate two major aspects of them: the easiness of use of the bot builder (intents creation, scenarios design) the accuracy of the NLP engine We never found a tool able to provide both; that’s why we worked hard to provide a bot builder with an excellent user experience, and decided to create a NLP engine designed specifically for chatbots. A NLP Engine Designed for Chatbots All the fuss today about Machine Learning & Text Mining provide very interesting tools and algorithms, very powerful to work with very large amounts of data…. but quite weak to work with small datasets. Yet, chatbots are most of the time very small corpuses,…

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