A clever use of your users’ queries

A human brain is incapable of imagining, analyzing and testing hundreds of thousands (even millions) different queries. Well trained computers can… If they have the right tools.

Web users queries represent a goldmine of data. More often than not, this goldmine is poorly used. Clustaar’s QMP gives meaning to those millions of queries, in any language, to reveal your clients’ intents. By understanding those intents, you can make your online strategy evolve and answer them better everyday.

But most importantly, Questions and Answers are stored in a unique database. Those questions and answers are the key material to develop Conversational Search tools.

Centralize and open

The millions of queries are centralized and processed by the QMP. Information stored in the database can be used by every section of the company. Each department can use the data according to its needs.


  • Marketing can visualize its visibility and its competitors’;
  • Acquisition teams can target and coordinate SEA and SEO, and better anticipate the market and its tendencies;
  • Content managers can determine missing contents, but also inefficient and useless pages;
  • And last but not least, those data can be used through an API in the Internal Search Engine and Chatbots to set up Conversational Search.

How does it work?

Clustaar’s algorithm is based on Machine Learning. It analyzes vast amounts of data from Google, Twitter, Facebook and the whole Web.

Those data are then sorted out according to a given context: your business’s semantic field. Interpreting all this information, the QMP will give you all the possible queries, and their meaning.

By combining every possible query concerning your field, the QMP helps you understand your clients’ intents, whichever way they formulate their question.

Thanks to the work of the QMP, we can set up conversational search tools which will always be ready, for any kind of question about your business, no matter the formulation.