The conversation between machine and man is a reality

Interaction between man and machine gets better every day. More and more intuitive, machines are programmed to better fulfill the needs of most people. The next step is a conversation, more fluid than ever, between machine and man.

With the multiplication of platforms of communication, brands must be present on more and more of them. WeChat, in China, is already used by most Chinese brands, interacting with their clients through Chatbots. This kind of technology can be used for different uses: chatbots of course, but also robots and connected objects. Think about Kik, Messenger, Slack, Cortana or Pepper by Softbanks Robotics.

Robotic, messaging platforms and IoT are now converging and Artificial intelligence is improving. A new era of service opens. To order a pizza, buy shoes or send back a faulty product, every client can be taken care of automatically by an agile, efficient and personalized technology.

Our technology trains your robots, chatbots or connected objects to converse with your clients

Whenever a user types in a query in Google, when he asks a question to a chatbot or talks to a robot, he expects the same thing: an answer.

Interpreting queries in Natural language is Clustaar’s specialty. Thanks to our machine learning algorithms, we can train smart machines to have open and complex conversations with web users.

Customer service, e-commerce or man-machine interface? Conversational intelligence is possible with Clustaar’s technology.

The technologies developed by Clustaar make interactions in Natural language possible

The Clustaar technology is based on two cornerstones:

Deep Query is a Natural language processing algorithm, allowing detection of Intents hidden behind queries in a given context. The QMP is a database storing every question and answer relevant to a field or a specific subject. This is where resides the knowledge we can teach the bot to fuel its conversational logic.

The main difficulty in developing a chatbot is Natural language understanding. It is this difficulty the Clustaar technology allows to overcome.

Our data analysis algorithms allow also the creation of extremely elaborate decision trees and answering scenarios, so your chatbot is never taken aback and is able to adapt during a conversation.