Understanding Natural Language

Clustaar Deep Query © is our technology of Natural Language Processing.

Thanks to this algorithm, we can offer a better understanding of your clients’ intents, to help you develop an optimal user experience.

Deep Query’s fine analysis allows the QMP to store already structured data. Managing to deal with what we call Text to intent demands a logical segmentation of Natural Language data. That is what we do with Clustaar Deep Query ©.

Dealing with semantic data

Deep Query takes a simple query analysis to the next level. Its vector text analysis is able to detect patterns, alternative formulations or adjacent themes, and thus completely grasp the meaning of each query.

Inspired by the human brain’s neuronal network’s process, our deep learning algorithms have the capacity to discover the type of intent hiding behind every question, every request.

What comes in?

  • Unstructured data: vast amounts of Search engine queries ;

What comes out?

  • Structured data, usable and manageable: those queries are filed by theme or intent ;

What volume of data can we handle?

  • We can handle several millions of search data in 24h;

In which languages?

  • Every European language.

The Deep Query technology can:

Explore a semantic field
Understand every possible way of expressing an idea
Detect query patterns

It can be used to:

Gather the necessary material to build a conversational search device
Make a Chatbot fullproof when confronted to a new formulation
Help you understand your clients better and adapt your digital strategy accordingly