Automate all your customer relations

Client acquisition

A chatbot integrated on the livechat of your website allows you to call out to your potential clients, to offer them a positiv image of your company and collect their contact info.

Customer service

Automate response to your clients’ demands through intelligent chatbots. Improve their User experience by combining AI and human intervention, who will take over in case of complex demand.

The Clustaar expertise: Natural Language Processing applied to customer relations

A good use of your customer service data

Clustaar analyses your historical data, your previous exchanges with your clients, as well as extensive data from the web. We then identify all the questions asked by clients in your field.

Building conversation scenarios

Clustaar Deep Query©, our Natural Language Processing technology, garanties an automatic understanding of all your clients’ questions, whichever way they are phrased. You keep the handle over the answers.

Training the bot

Our AI fuels the bot and garanties its improvement over time. Thanks to our Machine Learning processus, the more conversation it holds, the better it gets.

We integrate on any platform, according to your needs

Livechat: Automatic lead generation

Our technology is integrated to Intercom, leader livechat solution. The AI + livechat combination allows you to automate first exchanges with your prospects, 24/7, so you never miss an opportunity. Your employees can take over the conversation anytime to make sure the prospect becomes a lead.

Chatbot: choose the optimal customer experience

With 3 billion users, instant messaging platforms are the new strong communication channel pour customer service. Our AI + human combination allows you to offer an efficient and satisfactory customer experience to your clients, as well as your budget.

A little Chatbot theory


The topic your conversation interface must understand.

Which topics must your bot be able to talk about?


The intention that lies behind a user question.

How to detect the client’s intent behind his/her query?


The specific understanding of a question given the situation in which the user is.

How to produce the right answer to a question given an initial information?


Aspect of a text or speech that carries a specific meaning. Several entities positioned in a certain order produce an intent.

How to ensure your Bot deciphers correctly the sentences put forth by the user?

They are already working with Clustaar