Discover the power of Conversational Search

The Clustaar chatbots finally put Artificial Intelligence at your clients’ service

Vertical Dataset

We build conversation scenarios based on your specific internal data. Emails, internal search engine queries, phone conversations are analyzed with our algorithms to identify questions and intents your users ask in your market.


Our technology can be integrated into any instant messaging platform like Messenger or Slack. Clustaar also connects with the main dialogue manager platforms available ensuring connectivity at all level of the conversation chain.

Deep Learning Powered

We make sure your conversational bot will improve overtime. Our deep learning loop identifies unanswered questions and automatically corrects the conversation scenario.

A powerful Natural Language Understanding platform

Natural Language Understanding
Understanding natural language is the last barrier to overcome to get to open conversations between human users and machines. Beyond keywords, our technology makes it possible to understand intents behind questions formulated in natural language.

Search Keyword Clustering
Our search experience brings us a key know-how in sorting and categorizing millions of user expressions. Insights extracted from this data are the foundation upon which conversation scenarios are built.

A little Chatbot theory


The topic your conversation interface must understand.

Which topics must your bot be able to talk about?


The intention that lies behind a user question.

How to detect the client’s intent behind his/her query?


The specific understanding of a question given the situation in which the user is.

How to produce the right answer to a question given an initial information?


Aspect of a text or speech that carries a specific meaning. Several entities positioned in a certain order produce an intent.

How to ensure your Bot deciphers correctly the sentences put forth by the user?

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